Sad Boys // Sad Girls Club

by Sleeping Dogs

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released April 4, 2017

Recorded By Calum Johnstone
Artwork By Tyrone Lymn
Guest vocals vocals on "Sad Boys Club" by Jim Dusty



all rights reserved


Sleeping Dogs Canberra, Australia

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Track Name: Sad Boys Club
Sad Boys Club:
Recycling bin always full of bottles
At least you take them out
Your speech is always slurred
What are you trying to forget?
Goodnight sleep well baby

Sitting next to you in that hazy room
Lazy but you swept away the dust for me
House full of friends, no one to tell
The look of love through red-rimmed eyes
Goodnight sleep well baby

Bottles piling up on your desk now
Now I'm the one taking them out
Quiet house, only me to tell
I'm so helpless
And I don't think you're here anymore

There is nothing left to cling to as the constant turns to dust,
There are no more foot holds, and my hands are wet with the blood We shed just, trying to keep this roof above our heads, so as I slide Down into the water, try not too look as I sink into the river bed

Now I'm the one alone in that room
Now I'm the one holding the broom
The look of loss through those red-rimmed eyes
With no one to tell but you
I'm so helpless
And I don't think you see me anymore

You seem happier now you're alone
And I've never felt more alive or more awake

What's a better way to say, "I'm always here for you babe"
Track Name: Sad Girls Club
Sad Girls Club:
You wouldn't let me go
You wouldn't let me say
I need to get away
I need something to change

You wouldn't let me go
But you loved to push me away
Quiet, oh so quiet
Strangers sharing a bed
I wanted our love to stay
But time wasted away until it was dead

Waking up with stomachs of acid and regret
Now it's you walking away
Hands holding our heads and each other for dear life
Now it's me sitting on that couch
Bleary eyed, begging you to stay
Not letting you say
You need to get away

Expelling the acid from my stomach as I regret the night before
Matching you beer for beer
I miss your hand in my hand
My head on your chest
Alone in the same room, we barely speak
Begging for change, beginning to stray
Just wishing you went away

Rinse and repeat
Rinse and repeat
Rinse and repeat
Rinse and repeat